Patients guide for patient’s Rights and responsibilities

Patient’s Rights

  • Right to receive treatment
    • Patients will be given appropriate and professional healthcare for their own health protection and health promotion regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, nationality, social statue and economical state. Patients will be granted healthcare under any circumstance. Our Hospital can’t refuse to give medical treatment without a proper reason.
  • Right to receive information and autonomous decisions by patients
    • All patients are entitled to the rights to be provided clear information by the corresponding doctors and nurses about their care such as that of explanation of their condition, means of cure, conduct of medical investigations, performance of organ transfer surgery, potential side effects of treatment, the financial cost of their treatment. Furthermore, they are entitled to inquire further about such aspects, and make free and voluntary decisions regarding their treatment based on consideration of such information.
  • Right to maintain privacy
    • Your medical information and all aspects of care rendered to you are kept private and confidential. Your medical records are accessed only by those involved in treating you and arranging your care. These medical records will not be released to anyone without your consent, except when required by the law.
  • Right to request mediation and consulting
    • If a legal dispute occurs, the hospital and patient will first try to settle by mutual agreement. In case the both parties are unable to settle a dispute, the parties shall abide by the arbitration procedures of the ‘Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency’ which has been established under Article 43 of the Korean Medical Dispute Mediation Act.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Respect and Consideration
    • We ask that you inform us of your health information precisely to our medical staffs. Please respect medical staff’s treatment plan.
  • Medication and Treatment
    • Patients should identify their identity before the medical treatment.
      We cannot perform medical services for a patient using the name of others, or engaged in any such dishonest practices.